Sicily is a dazzling Italian island in the Mediterranean, renowned for its rich culinary traditions. Among these delicious treats is Modica chocolate, a unique delicacy that is part of Sicily’s history. Originating from the town of Modica, this chocolate is made by using age-old methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. Not like other chocolates, Modica’s version of the sweet treat has a distinctive texture and flavour, that make it a must-try for any foodie visiting Sicily.

In this post, we will uncover the historic roots of Modica Chocolate Sicily and explore all the events to take place at the annual festival. While planning your Sicilian holiday, discover Sicily My Home for the best accommodations throughout the island and in Modica.

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The Origins of Modica Chocolate

Modica is a beautiful Baroque town located in south-east Sicily and has become famous for its sweet chocolate. The history of Modica Chocolate Sicily is interesting, to say the least, and is deeply rooted in chocolate-making techniques from the Americas. The chocolate of Modica has its origins dating back to the 16th century when Sicily was ruled by the Spanish. When the Spanish conquistadors taught the Sicilians how to make chocolate, it was in a way that they had never seen before, using techniques that the Spanish had learned in the New World from the Aztecs. Using this new technique produced a very different type of chocolate than what they were used to.

To make Modica chocolate, you need a lot of sugar that is roughly ground with cocoa which gives it a grainy texture. Very different from the smooth and creamy milk chocolate that most Europeans are accustomed to. As centuries have passed, the Modica chocolatiers have refined this technique and have passed it down to new generations in hopes of maintaining this distinct Sicilian chocolate. Ground with a traditional tool called a “metate”, the cocoa beans are then mixed with the granulated sugar to make a paste which is NOT heated but rather left for the sugar to crystalise, giving it its rough texture. Typically, cinnamon and vanilla are added for flavour, while hot chilli flakes are also used. This form of chocolate making is so important and holds significant historical value that it has protected geographical indication (PGI) status within the EU.


The Modica Chocolate Fair: An Unmissable Event

Each year, the historic town of Modica transforms into a chocolate lover’s heaven! The Modica Chocolate Fair, known locally as “ChocoModica” is an event dedicated to Modica’s rich chocolate-making history and heritage. It brings visitors from all over Italy and internationally to enjoy the chocolate-making process over several days. The fair typically takes place in the early weeks of December, which is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. The streets of Modica are full of people and the sweet smell of sugar and cocoa. What makes this fair truly lovely to see is the passion that the locals have for their chocolate and the pride that the younger generation has to carry on this centuries-old process.

ChocoModica is not just a chance to eat some yummy chocolate but also a great opportunity for any tourist to see the beautiful traditions and local culture of this Sicilian town.

Activities at the Modica Chocolate Fair

At ChocoModica, you can expect to participate in many organised activities and some chocolate tastings. You can take part in chocolate-making workshops, led by some of Modica’s best chocolatiers. For those interested in learning more about the specifics of the ingredients used to make this unique chocolate, there are guided tastings where expert chocolate connoisseurs will explain in great detail all of the flavours and textures that make Modica chocolate so distinctive. There are shows and panel discussions about the history of Modica’s chocolate and the cultural significance it has in Sicily. If you have young children, there are many child-friendly activities set up around the fair, so it is the perfect place to enjoy while wandering around.


Tasting Modica Chocolate

Apart from the fair, you can visit the Modica chocolate factory and museum any time of the year. There are organised tours of the factory where you can see how this chocolate is made on a larger scale and even do a chocolate tasting in the cellar where they store and age the chocolate. Tours are available in English, Italian and French.

Additionally, for those who like a little drink with their sweets, the factory also offers a guided tasting of chocolate with marsala, vermouth, whisky, rum and beer.


Accommodation in Sicily

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Where to Buy Authentic Modica Chocolate?

While the Modica Chocolate Fair is an excellent place to purchase authentic Modica chocolate directly from the artisans who make it, there are other options to buy it throughout the year. Antica Dolceria Bonajuto is the oldest chocolate factory in the town and is a great place to buy the chocolate. In Modica, many of the shops sell chocolate, but please make sure that they are certified sellers. This will ensure that the chocolate you have purchased is of high quality and authentic.

Come and Visit Modica and Enjoy the Delicious Artisanal Chocolate

Although visiting Modica is full of sweet pleasure from tasting its famous chocolate, there is so much more to do in this beautiful Sicilian town. With rich architecture and historical sites throughout its streets, it is a great spot to visit and learn about Sicily’s interesting past. By strolling its streets you can see many beautiful churches and museums, dine at excellent restaurants that serve traditional Sicilian cuisine, and, of course, indulge in the local chocolate. For the complete experience, plan your visit during the Chocolate Fair when Modica is bustling in festive cheer.

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