Ragusa Ibla, Modica and Scicli, Noto Siracusa pearls of Val di Noto, and Unesco heritage, offer so many monuments, churches and seventeenth-century buildings.

We organize guided tours to appreciate deeply our culture, precious noble palaces and majestic churches.

Or You can have a freely walk at sunset……the baroque downtowns become open-air museums with its lighted streets and many typical pubs & restaurants.

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Marzamemi, a beautiful seaside village founded by the Arabs who built the Tonnara here. Then , in the 1700s Villadorata family embellished the Tonnara area.

The entire village is pedestrian, cars can be left just outside in a convenient parking and enjoy a walking in the whole area full of cafes, restaurants and bars.

The beauty of Marzamemi square will leave you breathless!


Ragusa Ibla is defined as "the island in the island", thanks to its best socio-economic context. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beautiful 42 churches and many Baroque-style palaces set of Montalbano's fiction.

Ragusa Ibla is defined as "the island in the island", thanks to its best socio-economic context. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beautiful 42 churches and many Baroque-style palaces set of Montalbano's fiction.


You cannot miss to visit Noto: since 2002 it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Its beauty was born after the earthquake of 1693, when the city was rebuilt according to Sicilian Baroque style, orienting the village to the east in order to have perfect lighting for the buildings at sunset.

You cannot miss also a stop at Caffé Sicilia, the famous pastry shop in NOTO, to enjoy authentic Sicilian granitas both, in the most classic tastes , coffee & cream, pistachio or almond, and exploring fresh flavors as oranges, mandarins and white or red berries.


Modica was formerly crossed by canals and bridges, it was one of the most fascinating place in Italy. Today the city stood, on two rivers that are now covered by the main street.

UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will enjoy a walk in charming streets and a view of the Saint George Cathedral and its sumptuous flowery staircase.

Famous for its chocolate, produced according to the ancient Arab recipe, Modica is highly appreciated for its gastronomic excellence and the best of Sicilian street food.


Scicli is one of the most beautiful baroque towns, a real living nativity scene, for its small houses on the rock and narrow streets.

Since 2002 it has been a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Among the buildings and the many churches, you will recognize the City Hall, where most of the shooting of Montalbano fiction have been set. In the evening you can dine in the many clubs and restaurants in the center.

It’ s really a rich and charming town….. You will be surprised by its beauty! Guided tours are available to discover all the secrets of Sicilian Baroque!


Small town with magnificent palaces and Baroque churches, including Santa Maria and its splendid churchyard of Sinagra, also a film set for Montalbano,

Worth seeing is the Cava d’Ispica, a river valley immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, with its first prehistoric settlements and necropolis.


Of Greek origin, it was one of first Mediterranean town during the Greek age dominating Carthaginians and Romans.

The archaeological Temple of Apollo, the Greek Theater and the Ear of Dionysus are the most important treasures in prehistoric times.

After the earthquake of 1693, Syracuse was rebuilt in late Baroque style in ORTIGIA island, today is the most fascinating part of Syracuse with its narrow streets, shops, flavors and colors of the ancient market full of typical Sicilian atmosphere.


A sumptuous aristocratic residence of 122 rooms,

Only about twenty opened to the public, the hall of Mirrors, the hall of Music, the billiard room, with finally the charming bedroom of the princess of Navarre with her sumptuous clothes Vintage White lace.

The castle is surrounded by lush park, a maze and an excellent restaurant.


Archaeological area among the most beautiful in the world with 12 temples of the Hellenic period.

Temple of Juno, the Temple of Concordia - the best preserved of all - the Temple of Demeter and the Temple of Zeus, surrounded by splendid semi-columns.

Your trip to Sicily is certainly worth a visit…. be it at least once in a lifetime!


Taormina is one of the most evocative places in the world.
Strolling along the narrow streets of the center,

you will find typical shops, fashion shops, clubs and cafes.

You can enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea from an enchanted terrace overlooking the Ionian sea. A cable car takes you to the wonderful beaches of Isola Bella. And then the Greek Theater, “suspended between heaven and earth” is the perfect setting for a rich calendar of music, dance, cinema and theater events.

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