SicilyMyHome was born from an idea of ​​Tiziana and Elisa, Sicilian sisters and passionate about Sicily. They deal with Marketing & Property Management and Architecture & Home Staging-.

Tiziana Gradanti
Tiziana Gradanti

Tiziana: has a deep know-how in Marketing & Communication gained in 20 years of experience in big companies in Milan. Today she decided to exploit her expertise for SicilyMyHome and promote a unique concept of hospitality.

Elisa Gradanti
Lorena Donzella
Lorena Donzella

The team has strengthened with Lorena, a native Italian-French speaker with a long experience in public relations . She speaks French, English and Spanish fluently and deals with commercial activities, reservations and hospitality thanks to her sales attitude and professional relationships.

In addition, they are part of the group:

  • Our DIGITAL MANAGER & STRATEGIC PLANNER Andrea Giacomin of HungryforMilano.
  • SOLO AFFITTI BREVI a strategic partnership for the entire territory of the VAL DI NOTO.
  • Our dedicated and efficient CLEANING TEAM and MAINTANACE TEAM able to promptly resolve any problems.


“Our mission is: select best properties in Sicily for our most demanding guests. Our strength is to provide the most attentive concierge together with the rentals.


SicilyMyHome, try to offer a unique concept of hospitality based on our core values:

The pleasure of the warmest welcome to our guests , they feel at home! Human touch makes the difference. ufficio In Sicilia e il tocco umano può fare la differenza. Our office is in Sicily and our staff, available 24 hours a day, is made up of an enthusiastic and dedicated team who try to deep understand our guests needs and tastes.

This is essential to make their holiday unique, taking them by hand to discover Sicilian beauty .


Nothing is left to chance, we carefully inspect all our properties in person.


Let our guests experience the most authentic and real Sicily . Let them join the same sense of regeneration that we feel when we are there.

LOVE FOR BEAUTY Sicilian beauty, with its main colors , blue and shades of turquoise, Mediterranean evocations, the streets of Marrakkesh and Greek islands inspired the home staging projects for all our properties. For us white and its shades have the unforgettable flavor of beach houses, symbol of calm and peace for all civilizations.